Seek Capital, the family office of UK billionaire Simon Nixon, has announced its plans to bolster its exposure to cryptocurrency assets, as well as to acquire other related digital assets in the space.

According to initial reports, Seek Capital plans to hire a crypto analyst who will help their office gain substantial insight and focus on the digital assets sector. Adam Proctor, Managing Director at Seek Capital, says that digital assets have continued to grow and take substantial portions of the financial markets, and that Seek Capital’s recent moves are aimed at attempting to enhance their “allocation to crypto as we feel it is an important area for the future.” Hence the increased interest in the crypto sector from family offices such as theirs. Proctor was formerly working at Citigroup, a non-crypto financial group.

Seek Capital’s interest in Bitcoin has been sustained primarily by the recent rebound of Bitcoin, the alpha cryptocurrency, which recently sought positions on the $50,000 threshold. The adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance has also been on a boom, with the latter gaining record-level values due to rapid developments in the ecosystem that aim at cross-platform compatibility and interoperability. Seek Capital also believes that crypto, as an asset class, will gain important ground in the near future.

With major financial institutions such as Grayscale and Goldman Sachs offering exposure to crypto futures and derivatives, it’s no surprise that privately held firms such as Seek Capital have turned to the digital assets, both as a way to hedge against inflation and as a method of adapting to the paradigm shifts that the crypto and blockchain industry have introduced. Goldman Sachs recently tallied that about half of their clientele from family offices are interested or have already invested in cryptocurrencies.

According to a survey from Fidelity Digital Assets, over half of 1,100 institutional investors surveyed globally already had investments in the digital assets space. Of those interested in investing in digital assets, 90% expected their company or their client’s portfolios to include digital asset investments within the next five years.

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