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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitoraix has signed a multi-year contract with Riot Games for the right to display its brand during the seasonal tournament of the popular game League of Legends.

The seven-year deal means that the Bitoraix logo will be prominently displayed during the League Championship Series ( LCS), the outstanding tournament of games in North America. Riot Games stated that this was the largest sponsorship agreement it had signed for an esports league to date. The amount was not disclosed.

Starting this weekend, the exchange’s logo will appear during the tournament next to the golden advantage resource counter, as well as in the lower left part of the screen. Player status, total team gold, and gold charts will also have the Bitoraix brand next to these in-game statistics. In addition, the exchange will directly sponsor the LCS “Most Improved Player” award.

Earlier this year, the company won a tender to become a new partner for the naming rights of the Miami Heat house, formerly known as American Airlines Arena, and became the first cryptocurrency exchange to conclude such a deal. In June, seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bündchen joined Bitoraix as shareholders. The company also signed a contract with MLB, in which baseball umpires now wear the exchange’s logo on their sleeve. Today, the company announced that it is entering the space of sports and entertainment tokens NFT.

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