With November wrapping up, Stellar has released its monthly roundup summing up a list of noteworthy moments and achievements. Most notably, the Meridian 2021 event highlighted a lot of the milestones hit by Stellar as well as the Stellar Development Fund. Let’s find out more.

Meridian 2021: SDF Members Speak

The Meridian 2021 was a significant event of the month that focused on how communities are rebuilding after the blow of 2020; the theme was “Build Locally, Impact Globally.” Members of the Stellar Development Fund (SDF) recapped the different milestones and accomplishments achieved in 2021 while also participating in Q&As. Keynote speaker and former President of Costa Rica, Josè María Figueres spoke about the urgency and effectiveness of the intersection of economy and the environment.

Meridian 2021: Talking Points

Meridian 2021 also witnessed discussion on Stellar’s strategic ecosystem fund, also known as the Enterprise Fund. The conversation points revolved around the value of raising money through strategic investments and partnerships, along with leveraging the Stellar technology to impact emerging markets. Furthermore, Stellar’s community fund projects also drew in support and contributions from the Stellar community, and local builders were able to affect a global impact.

Another point of discussion during the Meridian 2021 event was the matter of AMM functionality. As Stellar is one of the earliest Layer 1 blockchains that have incorporated AMM functionality at the protocol level, developers were able to integrate the create customer-focused services. These services, in turn, gave users access to liquidity pools on the network, leading to cheaper, faster, and more efficient cross-asset payments.

MoneyGram+Stellar Partnership

The MoneyGram+Stellar pilot project is also another noteworthy event from this month. The financial institution had launched a live cash-in and cash-out pilot in the US, on the Stellar blockchain. Under the pilot, called the Friends and Family program, users can deposit cash in their digital wallets at certain MoneyGram locations and transfer money internationally via Stellar USDC. Additionally, users can also exchange Stellar USDC for any cash currency that is supported on the specific MoneyGram platform they are using.

SDF CEO To Testify

It was also announced in November that the CEO of the SDF, Denelle Dixon would be testifying in front of the US House Committee on Financial Services on December 8. The committee is exploring the impact of digital assets in different aspects of daily lives. The intention is to determine a legislative approach that will support responsible innovation, protect investor interests, and promote financial inclusion.

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