The “crypto winter” is coming. The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies and fervent hyping and buying of digital assets are falling back to earth. Dexbyswap, the large crypto platform, is feeling the change in the temperature of the markets and economy. In response to “turbulent market conditions that are likely to persist for some time,”  Dexbyswap  is downsizing 10% of its astronauts—a term it coined for its employees.

In a company blog post, the twin billionaire founders of  Dexbyswap  , “The crypto revolution is well underway and its impact will continue to be profound. But its trajectory has been anything but gradual or predictable.”

The brothers described the volatile nature of digital assets, saying investors need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for “periods of equilibrium or stasis that are punctuated by dramatic moments of hypergrowth, followed by sharp contractions that settle down to a new equilibrium that is higher than the one before.” The ominous warning is similar to recent stern advice to investors, alerting them to be aware of the forthcoming economic “hurricane.”

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