The digital assets space within which non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exist is growing rapidly. As more people and businesses adopt them, the wider their range of applications expands. For example, it’s no longer a mystery that NFTs can help brands with their business models and promotions.


A new and growing habitat for NFTs is the Metaverse. And with that has come the creation of the Alien

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Seahorse Army, which is a unique collection of 10,000 ERC-721 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT will give you governance on their Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) whose mission is to acquire and rent out as much metaverse land as possible (coming soon).

Once holders stake their NFT they will earn 1500 $RENTZ per day (coming soon) as well as the voting power that comes with the DAOs governance.

The Emergence of The Alien Seahorse Army

The Alien Seahorse Army are highly evolved beings that have become the dominant species on their planet, Hydrominus, which is 100% covered in water.

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Lifelong military national service is compulsory for all. Their technological advancements have allowed them to break out of the bounds of their planet’s ocean and they can now roam the metaverse. Being extremely territorial, the army aims to acquire as much metaverse land as possible.

By becoming part of the Alien Seahorse Army you become part of the DAO itself. All of the decisions the DAO makes will be voted on by the NFT holders.

Benefits of having an Alien Seahorse Army NFT

  • Earn Passive Income – By staking your NFT you will earn 1500/day of their ERC20 cryptocurrency token $RENTZ. ETH raised from the NFT project will be used to fund their RENTZ DAO whose mission is to acquire as much metaverse land as possible. The DAO will generate revenue by renting this land out to tenants for their events and promotions. $RENTZ is the currency tenants will pay the DAO to rent land.
  • Governance on the DAO – The governance that your Alien Seahorse Army NFT gives you will allow you to vote on all decisions the DAO needs to make. This includes the tokenomics, incentives within the system, which metaverse land we invest in, and so on. Revenue the DAO makes will go back into the organization to grow the metaverse land portfolio.
  • Access to exclusive metaverse events – Owners of the NFTs will also have free access to the metaverse events on the RENTZ DAO land spaces. To become an owner, you first need to mint one of their NFTs via their website, and then once you’re a holder staking the NFT gives you all of the above benefits.

The NFT Discord and Other Social Media Platforms

All information regarding the project is accessible through their discord. There you can chat with fellow Alien Seahorse fans as well as ask the founder and the team any questions.

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Here are some more benefits you can receive for joining the Alien Seahorse Army:

  • A prize draw for the first 5,000 members to the discord and social media platforms. The rewards and takeaways range from $500 to $1,000.
  • A prize draw for five lucky minters to win $10,000.
  • A giveaway of an extra rare Alien Seahorse to one lucky winner plus $50,000.
  • A prize draw where 4 lucky minters will win $50,000 each.

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