Discriminatory fundraising that further advantages wealthy investors has long plagued the world’s impoverished population. After generations of systematic economic abuse, cryptocurrency emerged as a great equalizer. Unfortunately, in the years since crypto’s inception, investment in the burgeoning asset class has also become inequitable. Cryptocurrency is not only highly volatile and extremely risky but too often, large buyers who are privileged to participate in early fundraising rounds are enabled to dump their tokens on smaller investors who aren’t even allowed to participate in sales until token prices have already skyrocketed.

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The problem of wealth distribution isn’t easily resolved, but Comdex is trying. By bridging the worlds of centralized and decentralized finance, Comdex enhances investors’ access to a broad range of asset classes and enables them to generate higher yields from safer investment avenues. In concert with the company’s aim of democratizing finance, Comdex has just launched their LBP on Osmosis.

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TF is an LBP?

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (or LBPs) present a new future of fundraising – a more distributed, equitable, and decentralized method for dispersing assets. Comdex’s LBP will enable price discovery through a reverse dutch auction in which CMDX’s price will be highest at the start and gradually decrease over the sale’s three-day period. This inverse price apparatus will make it impossible for large buyers to corner the market early and dump their tokens on later investors.

Through this secure and fair distribution model, Comdex moves one step closer to achieving its goal of global accessibility in finance.

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Emphasis on Equality

Comdex Co-founder and COO Siddarth Patil recently explained the company’s decision to launch via LBP on Twitter. The COO’s focus on strengthening the project’s community through fair token launch models the values that high-dollar crypto investors like former US Presidential candidate Brock Pierce say they look for when seeking new investment opportunities.

Hands Up!

So the question: “Who’s down with LBP?” is asking who is interested in a more fair distribution of the world’s wealth, and unless you’re among the 1% who control a vast majority, your answer is probably “me, me!”

For those who’d like to participate, Comdex’s LBP will run on Osmosis from December 3rd-6th at 1 AM UTC. Read more about how you can participate here.

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