EarnBet is a blockchain-based casino platform that allows users to bet and claim rewards in a number of cryptocurrencies. Users can bet on different casino games via its website, which includes Dice, Blackjack, Baccarat, Crash, Hilo, and Jackpot. EarnBet allows users to place their bets in any cryptocurrency of their choice and their rewards are paid out in the cryptocurrency which they play with.

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Since EarnBet exists on the blockchain, the games and bets placed by players are public for everyone to see. As such, its games are 100% provably fair. This provides transparency in its games where users can see bets placed and by whom it was placed. The website also displays a leaderboard where it displays all of its top players of that week, alongside the currencies which they will win if they keep their position till the end. Players also maintain complete control of the funds in their wallets and can withdraw funds at any time they please.

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Why Use EarnBet?

The EarnBet platform is completely decentralized and non-custodial. Accounts on EarnBet casino work just like a crypto wallet. When users create an account on the platform, they are given a passphrase (like a private key) which they are to keep safe and private. Like most cryptocurrency wallets, the loss of this recovery seed means the loss of a user’s account and funds as EarnBet does not have access to accounts created on its platform.

EarnBet players also do not need to sacrifice blockchain resources on their end. The fully decentralized platform takes care of the additional CPU, RAM, or NET power for users to place their bet. The platform also allows users to play directly from their WAX account.

Staking BET tokens allows players to reduce the house edge on most of their games. This way, players get a higher chance of winning as house advantage goes down when they bet while having BET tokens staked.

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Crypto transactions made with EarnBet accounts do not carry deposit/withdrawal fees. Users only have to pay the network fees for the confirmation of their transactions and EarnBet does not benefit from these fees in any way. And there is no minimum or maximum amount a user can deposit in order to begin using the platform.

Earn While You Play

A major feature of EarnBet is its rewards feature. EarnBet rewards players every time they place a bet. These rewards are paid out in EarnBet’s native token BET, which pays out dividends to its holders. Players can then stake their BET tokens in return for stake points, which makes the user eligible for dividends from the project. Dividends are paid out in BTC and ETH every month. This means that as long as a user holds their BET tokens, they are entitled to the dividends earned/accumulated from the house profit from bets being placed.

Users can also earn from EarnBet when they refer others to the platform. Using its referral program, users get 0.1% of all bets made by players who signed up using their referral code.

EarnBet is currently running a promo for its new users when they sign up on the platform. Users who register, deposit a minimum of $100, and place a bet on the platform will receive free $50 in bitcoin. To get started, head over to https://earnbet.io/register.

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