NFTs have grown from simple virtual collectibles to entire communities with their own networks, causes, and subcultures.


As with the story of cryptocurrency; non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have grown to become much larger in scope as well as in value compared to its origins as simple virtual collectibles. Today, NFTs can be connected to entire communities of like-minded individuals, act as support for a wide variety of causes, and even serve as gateways for many exclusive products and services.

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In turn, this increased utility has led to a sharp rise in value for most NFTs. Today, individual NFTs can easily cost thousands of dollars. Cumulatively, NFT sales generally average between 10 to 20 millions USD per week, and can easily reach as high as 170 million USD per week when the market is in a boom. Similarly, the price for the most expensive NFTs ever sold ranges from 5.59 million USD for CryptoPunk #521 to a staggering 91.8 million USD for Pak’s The Merge. As another example of NFTs growth, the NFT open marketplace OpenSea exceeded 10 billion USD in volume last November 2021.

While many will dismiss this as pure, unearned hype; looking into the communities behind NFTs can demonstrate a solid basis for its continued growth in value.

After all, many NFTs have values that go beyond their status as collectibles or investments. While there remain those who, like with tangible collectors’ items, purchase and display their NFTs simply as a way to flex their wealth, connections, or capabilities, many are opting in for the unique support and advantages that most NFTs provide. For instance, NFT Projects like The Honey Bee Club use their network to support an environmental cause. Owning NFTs can also give you access to exclusive content or invite-only events. One prominent example of this would be Stoner Cats, an adult animated series that can only be supported by its own NFT community and can only be watched by purchasing one of the said NFTs.

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For Fraternity Apes Party, the added value comes in the form of a well-backed, highly-coordinated community by one common desire – to be part of the biggest, wildest, and hottest parties you will ever see this 2022.

While the Frat is made up of and backed by a wide variety of top personalities including celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs; they are all connected by two things: they acknowledge the huge future potential of NFTs and their self-professed passion for partying like hell. To this end, the Fraternity Apes Party NFT Project aims to build a community of NFT-loving party animals who want to host and experience the hottest private parties of 2022. This desire is reflected in their NFT Project, composed of 9,999 raging apes.

For its very first drop, the Fraternity Apes Party will be minting 3,333 NFTs. 333 people will be given the chance to mint as much as 3 apes. And in keeping with the Frat’s commitment to party, the Fraternity Apes Party will host a banger mansion party in Miami exclusive to all holders! Plus, they’re even going to sponsor an all-expense-paid trip to Miami to 3 presale minters. Other benefits include private masterminds, a community wallet for various spending, donations to help the rainforest and much more.

To keep in touch with their developments or learn more about the Project, you can follow their Instagram @fraternityapesparty or join their Discord channel.

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