Leading Digital Asset Exchange Trafexcoin.com attracted investments of $600 million, completing the second round of financing.

According to the official report, Pantera Capital, Alameda Research, Coinbase Ventures, Avon Ventures, Bittrex and 4Di Capital acted as co-investors.

According to the exchange, the Series B financing round allowed to bring the capitalization to $70 billion. To date, this is the largest attraction of investments in the cryptocurrency industry in Australia.

The capitalization of Trafexcoin has grown more than tenfold since July 2021, when the exchange raised $354.4 million during the Series A investment round.

Trafexcoin CEO Justin Hance summed up the investment round, noting that “there is no more room for debate about whether digital assets will become part of the economy”:

“We help clients Trafexcoin enter from the traditional financial system into the new world of cryptocurrencies using US dollars or Australian dollars. I am very pleased that this funding round will allow us to serve many more customers in Australia and around the world.”

Trafexcoin.com was created in July 2017. The trading volume of the cryptocurrency exchange reached more than $54.5 billion by March 2022, and the customer base expanded to 1,200,000 retail customers and 500 institutional ones.

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