Hanad Hassan is a young Somalian multi-millionaire who dropped out of university to focus on building up his crypto gains. He has now decided he wants to make life better for the more unfortunate in his community.

Birmingham based Hassan started his venture into cryptocurrencies last year when he made an investment of $50, and within 3 months he had turned that small initial investment into his first million dollars.

At the beginning of 2021, the young Somali was working at two jobs. At the end of each month he would give his parents some money, and the rest he would invest into crypto.

The BBC covered his story, and the following quote gives some idea of the crazy route to millions:

“Fifty dollars turned into $500 (£369) three days later,” Mr Hassan said of his financial journey that began at the age of 19. “Two more days later, it was $5,000 (£3,690).”

Hassan called his parents in order to discuss his success and get advice. Even as he was making the half hour phone call his investment doubled in size, so it was then that he decided that he wanted to become a crypto millionaire.

The amazing success he has had so early in his life has not gone to his head. He has purchased a £30,000 Mercedes, and a city centre apartment, but that’s it. He says he’d rather spend his wealth on his family and friends.

Born in Somalia, Hassan, his parents, and his five younger siblings left the country to start a new life in the UK. Hassan was 14 when the family arrived to settle in Birmingham.

According to his father Oman:

“I tried to bring my family to a better place to give them a better life that we didn’t have there. Our life in Somalia was like no life in the UK. There was a lot of wars and fighting going on, it was not a safe place to see your kids growing up.”

Hassan and a friend wanted to give back to their community so they set up a cryptocurrency fund where the profits were all donated to charity. The fund has so far amassed £200,000.

Also, in order to gain an understanding of how he could support local people who needed it, he and his friend got together with the founder of a community group called Bearded Broz, that supports the Salma food bank in Smethwick, just outside Birmingham.

“It’s an eye-opening experience, seeing first hand what people are going through,” Mr Hassan said. “It’s given us a lot of ideas – we hope to be able to help a lot of people.”

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